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You have found the easiest cargo loading optimization software to learn and use. USA based.
Simulate loading your cargo in minutes, not hours or days!

Maximize Container Utilization

Container Loading Calculator

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    No Sales calls or emails!
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Want to quickly learn what CargoWiz is and does? Take our short YouTube Video tour:
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Load Cargo Onto Pallets? Yes.

Then Load Pallets into Trucks or Containers? Yes. Use our wizard to easily create a file with the dimensions for 2-stage loading.

"Our committee investigated several container loading programs and CargoWiz was the unanimous choice."
          - Peter, New York City

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Truck, Container and Pallet Loading Software

Container Loading Calculator

Concerned with Cargo Load Planning Optimization?Cargo Loading Calculator

Calculate container loading for one or many Shipping containers,as well as trucks or pallets.

Quickly work with customers to adjust order quantities.

Exactly how many of your boxes fit in a shipping container?

Don't leave cargo on the dock, or large empty space in the container or truck. Know exactly what will fit and how to load it in advance.

Why CargoWiz Container Loading Software over others?

It's the easiest Load Planning Software. From the beginning we designed the CargoWiz cargo loading solution with the first-time user in mind. Our guiding principals are:
  Quickest To Learn
  Easiest to Use
Our cargo loading calculator is meant for front-line people and managers. Don't like or can't afford to spend a lot of time reading help files or tutorials? CargoWiz is the one for you.
This also means that as employees come, go, or change positions, there is no significant concern.

The 20 day Trial Download is Full-Featured. This means you can try it with your products and really know if it works for you.

Easy Import of your data.
Worried about how you will get your cargo data into CargoWiz? Use copy and paste with our Wizard-like Excel import template to bring in thousands of products at once. See it here:
YouTube video
There is also a provision for importation from company business systems. Often these have acronyms or brand names - ERP, WMS, SAP etc.

(Of course you can just type product data into our cargo grid if you like.)

Allocate freight costs to each cargo piece based on its share of volume. Presented as a percentage. Also presented as actual cost if you provide the shipment cost.
Only from CargoWiz

If you fit any of the following descriptions click the link for some reasons CargoWiz may benefit you:

Customer Service or Sales

Logistics Provider or Freight Forwarder  

Importer or Exporter

Crating and Packing Services

Powerful Drag and Drop Cargo Load Plan Editor
Container Loading software
 Use your mouse to make adjustments to the load plan, or you can create the entire load plan as you like it
A very rare feature! See it on:
YouTube Drag Cargo video

Container Advisor - Only CargoWiz does it right!
"Container Advisor" finds the optimal container size or optimal mix of container sizes for your shipment based on shipping cost rather than just space.
Optimal Container Mix, such as:
 Best Container mixOptimal Container SizeOptimal Container MixBest Contaier Size                                               
This feature may pay for your purchase during the trial

Many Languages
Just a click in CargoWiz will switch between English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Turkish, Italian, Polish, and Chinese languages. World's best Container, Cargo, Truck load plan software app - China, Hong Kong, HK, Guangzhou, Macau, Singapore Worlds best Container, Cargo, Truck load plan software appp - Taiwan Worlds best container,truck and pallet loading software - Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Chile Worlds best Container, Cargo, Truck load plan software Container, Cargo, Truck load plan software app - Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechenstein, Belgium Container, Cargo, Truck load plan software app - Brazil, Angola, Portugal Container, Cargo, Truck load plan software app - France, Switzerland, Belgium Container, Cargo, Truck load plan software app - Turkey, Cyprus Container, Cargo, Truck load plan software app - Italy Container, Cargo, Truck load plan software app - Poland

Also on-the-fly switch between Metric and English units.

90 Day No Questions Asked Return Policy. Your ultimate assurance.

Need help convincing the boss? Download this short pdf file showing the values of our truck and container load optimization solution.

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